Friday, September 04, 2009

Meatout Mondays - Every Week - Go Meatless on Monday

Meatout Mondays

Welcome to Meatout Mondays

Feeling sluggish?
Catching frequent colds?
Considering shedding a few pounds?
Want to help protect the environment and reduce global warming?
Troubled by animal suffering in factory farms and slaughterhouses?

Sounds like you're ready for Meatout Mondays!

Meatout Mondays
is a colorful weekly e-mail newsletter that delivers a delicious veg recipe, product suggestion, health news, and an inspiring story. Sign-up today and your first recipe will be sent this Friday (so you have time to get ready for Monday).

Want more? When you sign-up, you can also request your FREE Veg Starter Kit, a 32-page full-color magazine with details about the benefits of "kicking the meat habit" and helpful information on how to make the switch.
This is your opportunity to make a difference at every meal... a choice to improve your health, protect the environment, reduce global hunger, and save animals. Can't wait? Check out our past issues and 7-days worth of recipes to start.
Thank you for caring. Together, we are making better choices for a better world.
Get a free veg starter kit click here

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