Saturday, December 04, 2010

Unforeseen Consequences of Doing Good

I would be MORE eager to support more animal rescue efforts if this were part of a broader effort to liberate ALL animals globally (rather than merely rescuing some animals at the expense of others; 'competitive rights' where some lose - "food animals" - in order to feed the rescued animals).

When they address this issue so that the pining souls who adopt countless animals are at least conversant with the topic of why farmed animals deserve to NOT be killed for food, I'll be ore likely to be on board with the companion animal rescue effort. Most 'pining souls' are NOT conversant with the topic at all, have no idea that there MIGHT be future options such as cloned meat or even collective buying of non-hinsic vegan-friendly pet food, etc. For them, it's more about providing solace, a home, and food and veterinary attention to individually rescued animals than about a global noncompetitive ecological justice for all. With pet-food, we have a deep ecological and inter-species moral problem on our hands, and it demands a deep and profound conversation across the entire humane movement, but most folks are recoiling from the conversation, presumably from the anxiety of losing the appearance of their moral high ground if they acknowledge that we really don't know what we're doing here.


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